Engineer Peyman Shirpour has graduated in mechanical engineering, majoring in physics of sound, and post-graduated in music and composing (particularly playing piano). He has been trained in vocal coaching in Germany, not only at a professional level but also up to the trainers’ level. He also has the experience of production and direction of vocal performances in his artistic background. As a speech expert and voice trainer, he has more than 14 years of experience in the field of recognition and training of speech symmetric sounds.

Peyman Shirpour has gained a part of this experience through several years of working and studying abroad and conducting research projects on physical identification of the effectiveness and effect-taking aspects of sounds as well as the Whys and Hows of these aspects. Over this time, he has conducted 500-700 tests on the larynx and how it affects and is affected. Besides full-time research projects, he has worked on teaching and compiling some works in this field and, also, he has held 4 one-year courses on voice training. His teaching method includes the most up-to-date instructions on voice-making and expression so that anybody, at any age and of any gender and from any position, can learn them and feel the short-term and long-term effects.

During 2012-2014, he has been one of the main contributors in the “Get Vocal Now” online chatroom at Stuttgart Center in Germany, which is a virtual forum based on webinars and audience-oriented media products.

Currently, Mr. Shirpour is doing the final phase of writing his book, entitled Voice Direction, the aim of which is to introduce the potential capabilities of the human voice to the Iranian audience. As it is expected, this book will be published in the second half of the current year. This book is, indeed, an integration of the science lessons and the existing problems along with their standardized solution. The ultimate goal of this book is to institutionalize this thought in the audience’s mind that voice is beyond everything that could be imagined.

Currently, the research activities of Mr. Shirpour are focused on the perception of the complexities of mechanisms of the changes in sound pitch as well as the separability and responsiveness of the vocal cords along with the ethnic-vocal studies on the Iranian ethnos. Meanwhile, he is one of the contributors in a research team working on the evaluation of the airflow and acoustics. One of the outputs of these research works is a scientific article entitled “Mechanical Modeling & Vibration Analysis of Vocal Folds by Finite Element Method“, which has received the British DNW certificate.

This laborious artist has spent several years cooperating with different domestic and foreign groups in the field of singing and polyphony (a technique in which an individual or a group sings two or more notes at the same time). For instance, he has cooperated as composer and player of piano in two instrumental musical works named “Only A Dream” and “A Road With No Destination“. Also, in another music album, named “I’m A Lover“, he has cooperated as composer and arranger. Moreover, in the field of producing scientific audio products, he has produced more than 400 programs.

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