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A comprehensive and complete criticism of the album named I love you by the singer, Meysam Moafi and the music by Peyman Shirpoor has been published in Vazin magazine and the international artist magazine. You can read this article in the following photo.

The album of Meysam Moafi named “I love you” composed and arranged by Peyman Shirpoor, and sung by Meysam Moafi and composed the lyrics by Abdul Jabbar Kakaie can be indicator of a bright future in the pop music of the country. That’s why the loving lyrics of Abdul Jabbar Kakaie have concentrated on the subject of love based on special layers. Unlike the other loving lyrics, that their theme focused on superficial issues as meanings like you left me and I died, these lyrics concentrate on love based on another viewpoint.

In creation of artistic works, if the artist can look to public issues from a more special viewpoint, that one of them is love, the work will be noticed. Currently, if the lyric has been accompanied by both music and singing and the singer can perform amorously and unboundedly, we will witness an influential work. By using the words as loving and unbound we mean that the singer induces the whole of the concepts by his/her own sound that this process needs special skill.

The works like “I love you” and “alone” in the album of Meysam Moafi have the same characteristics, except for music and lyrics, that have been functioned fantastically; The singer has drawn the attention of audience to the work by his/her high technique and transferring the meanings of words admirably.

One of the points that should be considered is the combination of poetry and music is heard in the song “I love you” in the phrases as “alas due to my suffering” and “I am a mirage without you” that if the composer had combined according to the beginning of the measure or so-called subsequent beat instead of combining these phrases, there was no criticism about that. Moreover, in a work as “alone”, considering the sound limit of the singer and the instrument function that had been the responsibility of the stringed instruments in this verse, and considering that the melodic responses of the singer have been performed in the same limit, it reduces the auditory impact to some extent, while If responses to be one octave lower, whole of the parts will be heard distinctly. But by considering all of these issues, my album as “I love you” has been paid attention and it will be indicator of a bright future in the pop music of the country.

Singing is considered as a specialized art that the color of a good sound, that is an inherited issue should be accompanied with a technique that is deemed as an acquired subject. Singer possesses the color of suitable sound in this work and also this color of sound is allocated for him/her and it is not the same as the other singer. This color of sound has been considered along with the techniques as accent, mordent, and the intensity and weakness of sound, that are called Kershando and Dekreshando in the music.

Basically, the power of an orchestra is complemented by the singer in pop music as there are the works with optimal orchestrations that the singer has destroyed them by his own weakness. Fortunately, this collection is placed in a good level in terms of composition, orchestration and singer performance. We hope to witness more brilliant works of these artists in the future.

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