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The album “Roads Not to Reach” composed and performed by “Peyman Shirpoor” piano by Nedaye Honar Iranian Company and released by Raha Music entered the country’s music market. Contacts are located.

According to the news and analytical site “Iranian Music”, Peyman Shirpoor, the composer and musician of the album, has commented on this work: “The album is a road to not achieving the result of ten years. Roads to Reaching refers to the dark spots in my heart that are illuminated only by the notes that are current in the moment of this album and have filled me with romances that, no matter how repeated, are the freshness of the first days. “I eagerly share with you in the seconds of my life to travel the path of my dreams, regardless of our artistic styles and interests, and to take memories from the corners of this long journey full of pure poetic feeling.”

The Road to Avoid album contains twelve pieces of piano music composed and played in a modern piano style. This album is the second non-verbal work presented by Peyman Shirpoor, which will be published after his career in composing in the field of verbal works.

Those who are interested in preparing the original version of the music album “Roads Not to Reach” can go to

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